859 Doutaz Mania

How long have you been a part of the league?

Fresh Meat class of 2011!

What are your expectations for the upcoming season of derby?

I have pretty high expectations this year for myself and my team!  We have been putting in a lot of hard work and it is for sure starting to show!  Top 200 ranking, here we come!

So far, what has been your scariest or most intimidating moment in your derby career?

I think the most intimidating thing in roller derby for me is taking on Leadership roles within the league. I decided to take a role on the Board for the first time this year, I have also been Captain of the Allstars and on the Training Committe multiple times and it is always tough making important decisions and knowing the right things to do.

Do you have a favorite derby team to cheer for (other than LCHR)?

I love to root for my local surrounding teams, CQS and the Regulators. I also like Denver Roller Derby, they are very inspiring!