721 Rave & Claw

1. What do you like to do for fun? 

Skate, run, spend time doing outdoors-y stuff, watch way too many hours of Netflix.

2. How long have you been skating? Any form/type/skate, etc.

My mom was a skate teacher.  We skated together my entire childhood.  She used to do fun figure skating that I still can’t do.  She bought me my first skates when I was two.  Little Fisher Price ones that slide over your shoes, don’t think the wheels actually even roll on those things.  I clomped around the rink for awhile 🙂  I started skating at Hot Wheels as a way to meet people after moving to Charleston after college and was suckered in to joining the Meat Locker.  Best decision ever.

3. What is your favorite part of roller derby? 

I love the athleticism and pushing myself to be the best I can always be improving alongside my team.

4. What other sports do you enjoy, favorite sports team? 

Other sports exist?  Just kidding…sort of.  The only other I ever watch is the US Women’s soccer team.