Bout Recap: Malice in Wonderland

“Malice in Wonderland” was an exciting bout last Friday, April 27th. The all-stars rematched Muscogee Roller Girls from Columbus, Georgia. Last time they met, Muscogee pumped out a win over your Highrollers. This time, the tables turned. Lowcountry came out on top, 240-81.

Intermission was very fun, with a TITLE Boxing demonstration on the track.

The Bruisin Betties were up next to play Peach State. It proved to be more challenging, with Peach State taking the win. Regardless, the crowd was having a great time, and some MVP’s were announced.

For the Allstars, MVP Jammer went to our very own Nicky Dru Blood. MVP Blocker was awarded to Katalyst.

For the Betties, MVP Blocker was awarded to Striker, and MVP Jammer was earned by Raven Claw. Ringo Starrdust was chosen as this bout’s fan favorite.

As always, we have to mention that it was great to have our officials come down to ref our bout. We appreciate them so much. We also appreciate our derby photographers who give so much of their time to document the bouts.