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Over the course of human history, sports have always brought people together. Roller
derby is no different and this incredible sports community has become increasingly popular.
There are hundreds of teams across the country, and even the globe. It is a unique sport that
necessitates balance, power, strategy, and teamwork. And It requires hardworking, committed
players to be both mentally and physically tough. This exciting and challenging balance creates
equally amazing connections that transcend the boundaries of the track. For this reason, the
roller derby community is like none other.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we have over 40 players, referees, and officials of all
ages and all walks of life united by the love of this sport. We are one of the top teams in South
Carolina and our efforts on and of the track continue to reach diverse and growing audiences.
Our ambitious league is dedicated to community and strives to maintain a good rapport as well
as give back to The Lowcountry. We do this by supporting and sponsoring charity efforts on
behalf of local charities each season.
As a do-it-yourself, player-run team we organize our own events, advertising, finances,
and bout production. Many of our skaters spend their personal time each week to ensure that the current season is bigger and better than the previous. Despite our best efforts, we recognize that we can’t always do everything ourselves. We work with the local community and our generous sponsors to help our team thrive. And would like your organization to be apart of this
experience. We hope you will join our league by becoming a partner, and another link in The Low-
country Highrollers’ community chain. Together we will foster continued growth for this female empowered sport and charitable work within the Lowcountry.

If you would like to know about sponsorship and marketing opportunities, please send an email to Striker at: [email protected]

2150 Northwoods Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29406
Mike Barr, PT, DPT, MSR

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