The Meat Locker

The Lowcountry Highrollers’ Recreational Program, aka THE MEAT LOCKER

The Lowcountry Highrollers Meat Locker allows adults to play light-contact roller derby without the huge time commitment to practices, bouts, and other league activities.

Who can join LCHR’s Meat Locker?
Any female or person identifying as female 18+ who wants to learn the sport of roller derby, get in shape, and join a group of amazing and strong women. Roller derby is an aggressive and strenuous sport, so you want to be in healthy physical condition before attempting practice to avoid injuries. The Lowcountry Highrollers do not currently have a men’s league. Any men who are interested in playing derby are encouraged to check out the Carolina Wreckingballs Men’s Derby League.

What kind of gear do I need?
Helmet (not a bicycle helmet), mouth guard, elbow pads, wrist guards, quad roller skates and high-quality knee pads such as TSG, 187, Smith Scabs, or Triple 8. Some of the skaters wear tailbone protectors as well.  It is always a good idea to bring a pair of running shoes for off-skate workouts.

I haven’t skated in years/ever…will it be safe for me to try this sport?
If you join us in the Meat Locker, you will be getting the derby experience in a lower-impact way. Meat Locker is overall less physical than full LCHR league derby.  Practices will be coached by LCHR-approved trainers.

Do I need insurance?
Yes. It is mandatory to purchase annual WFTDA insurance. WFTDA insurance costs $75 a year and is good for the entire year.  There is a 30 day grace period from your first Meat Locker practice to obtain WFTDA insurance.

Does the Meat Locker bout publicly?

How much are dues?
Meat Locker skaters are to pay dues in the amount of $10 for one practice, $30 per month or $40 for a 5-practice pass card. Meat Locker pass cards expire after 90 days.

When is practice?
Meat Locker is hosted Sundays at 10am at ISOL (3337 Business Circle, N. Charleston, SC). Be sure to follow the Meat Locker page on Facebook for updates!

We will have some paperwork to fill out your first time attending Meat Locker, if you wish to save some time, please fill out our new skater packet!

Can I bring my kids, friends, or significant other?
All Lowcountry Highrollers practices, including the Meat Locker, are closed to non-participants.  Children ages 10 and under are not allowed at any Lowcountry Highrollers practice without supervision (meaning an older child or a babysitter) and you are responsible for cleaning up any messes made by your child.

To get involved, please contact us on Facebook!