Bout Recap: 3.8.19 Lowcountry Highrollers Allstars v. Oklahoma Tornado Alley

What. A. Game.

Last Friday, the Allstars participated in the March Badness Tournament hosted by Columbia Junior Rollers.

We were matched up against Oklahoma Victory Dolls’ (79 as of Feb 28, 2019) Tornado Alley their traveling B-team. After being the projected underdog, we left the half  at 98-78, Tornado Alley.

The 2nd half is where things got intense. The Allstars pulled the spread to a tie game for a few jams and gained the lead! After a few lead changes, leaving everyone biting their nails, Tornado Alley ultimately took the win with 181-171.

It was a fight to the end on both sides. Some big hits and big apex jumps were witnessed by both sides and it was surely an amazing game to see.

Your Lowcountry MVP Jammer was awarded to Waffle Stomp-her and your MVP Blocker was Doutaz Mania!

Check out bout photos posted on Facebook by Derby Pics by Phil!